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Fulfilling the Promise of Precision Medicine

ADAPTHERAPY® was founded to improve healthcare for everyone through personalized and precise information. As an innovative medical technology company ADAPTHERAPY® actively works to fulfill the promise of precision medicine by helping clinicians select the best « Adapted Therapy » for each individual patient with cancer and other complex diseases.

ADAPTHERAPY® is contributing to the new era of medicine through research, technology, and policies that empower patients, researchers, and providers to work together toward development of individualized care.

The PREDMED® Clinical Decision Support (CDS) consists of an “E-Clinical Decision Support” solution associated to a proprietary « Point of Care Testing » RT-qPCR μfluidic Solution for automatized analysis of 72+8 genes.



PREDMED® is a Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

PREDMED® consists of: - An “E-Clinical Decision Support” solution: based on a client / server architecture, the oncologist accessing the service in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) via a secured web page. - A « Point of Care Testing » RT-qPCR μfluidic Solution & its individual KIT, for standardized & automatized analysis of 72+8 genes from solid tumor samples and automatic transfer of the raw data to the PREDMED algorithm.

PREDMED® allows the determination of therapeutically targetable dominant signaling pathways in the cancer sample. The expression measurements of the 80 genes of the tumor are automatically processed by the PREDMED algorithm, and compares them with PREDMED’s reference tissue database, which makes it possible for oncologists themselves to identify the main targets to be considered and to select the most adapted personalized therapies for each patient, including in combination to reduce risk of escape mechanisms.

PREDMED® gives to the clinicians the confidence to select the best individual therapeutic strategy

PREDMED® predicts the effectiveness of targeted therapies (including immunotherapies) for individual patient treatment.

PREDMED® is the first Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution providing prioritization of the expression of all selected therapeutic targets for a given patient and predicting therapeutic efficacy of targeted cancer therapies, taking into account escape mechanisms.



Diagnostic and prognosis

Prediction of the efficiency of targeted therapies acting on different kind of targets (angiogenesis, migration, repairs, …)

Selection of the best therapeutic strategy for a specific patient, based on targeted therapies (alone or in association)

Stratification of patients in clinical trials and selection of associated targeted therapy to the studied drug

Innovation Advantages

An “All-in-one approach” assessing the expression variation of relevant genes in a single test.

Individualization and optimization of the regimen of each patient.

The signatures, as attested by the validation procedures, are robust in terms of precision, stability and sensitivity.

PREDMED® is an innovative, versatile profiling platform that uses validated molecular targets to inform and enhance drug development, advanced diagnostics and prescription of targeted therapies.

Currently being developed for cancer.

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ADAPTHERAPY® successfully completed its first funding round




ADAPTHERAPY® has constituted its operational team to validate and to distribute PREDMED®.

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